About LGMB Consultancy – Investigatory Services

LGMB Consultancy is made up of an experienced team of former police officers, private investigators and management. You can feel confident that your problem will be treated with compassion and integrity.

All our private investigators are trained by government accredited providers, police checked and fully licensed.

Our professional staff will call and guide you through the process and help organise your private investigation.

Our investigators are honest, reliable and focused on the service to our customers. They are problem-solvers with over 30 years police service in the UK who have access to a vast network of information sources and are equipped with state-of-the-art electronic technology. They are a dedicated team of investigators.


Investigations – How Will It Work For You?

Your first contact will always be with an investigator who will discuss your situation and make recommendations for a specialist private investigator for your particular circumstances. The investigator will provide continual information and feedback to you during the task. Information provided is both detailed and confidential at all times.

Whatever evidence you require, we will provide it – documentary evidence, video, a final report – they are inclusive of the service.


How Much does the investigation cost?

The cost of an investigation varies on your project. Some tasks are on a set rate on a set result that the client is looking.

Most investigations however are charged at a set hourly rate as we don’t actually know how long the investigation may take to complete – charging an hourly rate is the only fair way for both you and for us.

General surveillance, mileage, travel time, video, report and regular updates. The hourly rate can increase for other field based work depending on the specialty involved.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we may help you.